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System Design

Electronics system design focuses on the high-level system functions and requirements. System design defines the product architecture and answers to questions such as what kind of basic blocks there will be, what peripherals such as actuators or sensors need to be interfaced and how the product communicates to the user or external systems. Typically, system design produces architecture description, block diagrams and interface specifications. Some critical main components can also be selected in this phase.

Circuit Design

Electronics circuit design transforms high-level specification or block diagram into circuit diagram format. In this phase all the components are selected, design calculations performed and the circuit diagram drawn in ECAD/EDA system. We have wide experience in circuit design ranging from analog and digital discrete circuits up to multicore processor environments and everything in between. Different communication buses such as CAN, USB and Ethernet are familiar, just to mention a few. Most of the projects include some kind of wireless interfaces for which we have specialized wireless services.

Layout Design

Layout design transforms circuit design into a physical working PCB. Good PCB layout design is crucial for fulfilling product requirements and regulatory compliancy. Our PCBs are designed in-house by professional electronics engineers. We have designed PCBs from simple single-layer designs to over 10-layer complex designs integrating analog electronics, high-speed transmission lines, RF, power supplies etc.

Fast Prototyping

As the time to market is one key factor in success, we typically implement fast prototyping to verify key functionality in the design. This might be certain block of the design or full-fledged prototype. Through our wide network of proven suppliers, we can deliver both assembled prototypes and production PCBAs.

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Iot & Cloud
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Mechanical Design
Industrial Design
Rapid Prototyping
Proto Assembly


RF & Antenna Design
WLAN, BT, GPS etc.