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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering ensures that your vision will be brought to life as it is meant to be. We are specialized in designing parts and assemblies for various manufacturing methods, materials and production volumes. From injection moulded plastics to sheet metals, our focus is to find the most suitable combination for your product to create an optimized, cost-effective solution, that meets all the set standards and expectations.

Industrial Design

Meaningful design language, intuitive usability and optimized manufacturability. Industrial Design makes the product recognizable, easy to use and cost-effective. Starting from shaping the essence of the product idea, Industrial Design strives to refine the vision into a tangible and holistic product concept. We use visualizations and 3D printed mockups to analyze and evaluate the design. Our Industrial Design services also provide the tools for more detailed prestudies and ideation, to explore and find the best solution for a specific need.

Rapid Prototyping

Our in-house prototyping capability allows swift iteration cycles to evaluate and refine designs faster and further. CNC machining, 3D printing and vacuum casting are among the in-house methods to quickly bring prototypes to physical form. Through our wide network of proven suppliers, we can deliver both prototypes and production parts in high quality and precision.

Proto Assembly

Whether it is a smaller proofofconcept prototype or a full-featured pre-production batch, we are set to build and test them all. Our dedicated assembly and a testing area along with experienced production staff ensure that assembly is taken into consideration early and can also be implemented after product development has finished. This enables fast delivery of functioning prototypes and pre-production units as well as planning and testing production practices regardless of where the final assembly is performed.

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Iot & Cloud
Mobile apps


System Design
Circuit Design
Layout Design
Fast Prototyping


RF & Antenna Design
WLAN, BT, GPS etc.