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Nextfour’s Q navigation system will be extended with new features for the upcoming boating season 2017. Aim of the new features is to extend the system into new functionalities whilst improving their usability. Perhaps the most extensive and exciting addition is introducing a remote controller and different modes to the smart navigation system.

In the future Q can be used through a small, modern controller that is docked into boat’s steering wheel. It contains six buttons that have different functions depending on which mode the system is on. In media mode controller can be used e.g. to switch through audio tracks streamed from a Bluetooth paired smart phone. Other modes include, for example, trolling and navigation mode.

Controller is sold as an additional item but switching mode works on Q’s touch screen too. Soft keys, styled according to controller’s buttons, can be found at the bottom part of screen’s side bar. This makes switching between controller and touch screen intuitive and allows instant, visual feedback as user presses the controller’s buttons.

Q Experience on navigation mode

Q Experience on navigation mode

“Remote controller’s design had three main objectives: intuitiveness, simplicity and care and maintenance free use. Intuitiveness is achieved by adding corresponding functions on screen so that user can quickly see which functions controller offers for each mode. We were able to bring all these different functions into six buttons, which simplifies the use quite a lot. To ensure care free use, controller connects to Q system automatically and has a very long battery life.” says project leader Johan Wessberg.

Q system’s remote control can be viewed on the 4.3 –  12.3. at Stockholm’s International Boat Show Allt för sjön where Buster Boats is presenting their customized version of the system.