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Embedded Software

We have extensive experience working with modern performing CPUs and low-level microcontrollers. With the embedded software these are programmed to control your product’s possible touchscreens, radio interfaces, sensors and other peripherals you might need. Depending on your product’s requirements we propose the best possible operating system from Linux, Android and Windows to real-time operating systems or no OS at all. We utilize open source for your advantage if the particular licensing suits you. We can easily integrate your product to the cloud backends using secure network protocols and allow your product to upgrade its software over the air if applicable.

IoT & Cloud

Currently, almost every device connects to the internet and the cloud. We have successfully designed many devices connecting to various IoT platforms. Together with the customer, we always find the best technology to fit the customer needs to create scalable and future-proof designs. We offer the full solution to your IoT and cloud needs!

UI/UX Design

User Interface is one the biggest factors in forming the User Experience of a smart product. The focus in UI and UX design is to find and implement the most intuitive way for the user to interact with the product for the desired outcome. In smart products, UI is often implemented via a digital touch display on the device. With comprehensive design systems, we provide a constant and coherent design language and use logic. In the design process, we utilize user research and interactive UI prototypes to evaluate and improve the overall usability and User Experience.

Mobile apps

Many modern products and services feature a mobile app as a core part of the solution and user experience. Remote controlling devices is very important and handy. We offer the full solution to our customers from concept to great looking mobile apps your customers love to use. We always select the best technology that is great looking and works with every end device.

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System Design
Circuit Design
Layout Design
Fast Prototyping


Mechanical Design
Industrial Design
Rapid Prototyping
Proto Assembly


RF & Antenna Design
WLAN, BT, GPS etc.