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RF & Antenna Design

To secure satisfactory user experience in wireless products, it is important to pay attention to the performance of the antennas and RF. Typical case starts with the pre-study and system calculations. For the wireless products and systems, link budget calculations are essential part of the pre-study. We can offer tailor made solutions e.g. for RF modems including antenna design. Radio transceivers can be highly integrated SOC/module design or discrete design. We can make a discrete design for all fundamental RF blocks like PA, LNA, filters etc. Tailor-made antenna design is especially needed if we have a tight requirements for the link budget, cost or space.

Our RF & Antenna design services cover systems like RFID, Bluetooth (+LE), GSM, WCDMA, NB-IOT, LTE and MIMO, WLAN, Sub-GHz Radio modems, indoor/outdoor location systems etc. Our own antenna products support high requirements in antenna arrays and location systems. We have also provided several tailor-made antennas for the customer cases like indoor location systems and UHF RFID.

Measurements & Simulations

We have invested significant resources to our own test facilities and equipment. Our inhouse laboratories feature three high accuracy test chambers for EMC, RF and antenna measurements:

  • 4m*4m Anechoic test chamber from 30MHz up to 13GHz
  • 3m*1.5m Anechoic test chamber from 500MHz up to 26GHz
  • GTEM Cell 500 from 30MHz up to 18GHz
  • VNAs, spectrum analyzers, signal generators etc. up to 26GHz

Our services also cover system and block level simulations, with readiness to make electromagnetic simulations e.g. for marine vessels, antennas and RF propagation.

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