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Evoy – a Norway-based company that makes 100% electric motor systems for new and existing power boats – has been awarded over 4 million euros in support from the EU’s EIC Accelerator programme.

Nextfour announced its co-operation with Evoy last year. The partnership has included delivering and developing Q Experience plotters that have been integrated with Evoy eco-system and motor data. Q plotters have also gotten electric powertrain support from the company.

Sustainable boating – Made and tested in Nordic waters

Evoy’s vision is to eliminate boating carbon emissions around the world by providing greener propulsion solutions for boat manufacturers. Last year in the autumn of 2019 Evoy set an unofficial world record for series-produced electric boats with 55 knots.

Just like our Q Experience plotters, Evoy’s systems are designed and tested in the toughest Nordic conditions. In 2020 Evoy has been focusing on the pro-market between 20 to 50 feet, with inboard propulsion.

At Nextfour we are very happy and excited for Evoy in regards to the recent funding, and look forward to making boating more and more environmentally friendly around the world! world!