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Smart Navigation System

The Q Experience is a smart navigation system, developed and manufactured by Nextfour.

It updates the boating experience to modern day’s standards by combining boat’s functions into one crisp touch screen interface. The system consists of three hi-tech devices that have been carefully developed and tested in the arctic waters of Finland: Q Panel, Q Switch and Q Remote.

Q Panel is a boat-mounted, smart navigation screen that is currently available in three sizes. The panel can be fitted to any boat model as a direct factory installation, and it has easy-to-use applications for boat’s different assets, such as Map, Motor Data, Weather Service, Manuals etc. Panel’s touch screen is ultra durable, 3mm glass that is both scratch and water proof.

Q Switch is Q Experience’s own digital switch. Boat’s appliances, such as lights and fans, are connected to Q Switch that, in turn, is connected to Q Panel. The panel has its own Boat Controls app where you can control each appliance on a big, bright touch screen.

Q Remote is a handy accessory for the Q Panel. It allows you to use the panel’s functions without having to operate its touch screen.

The Q Experience is used by various European boat manufacturers such as Buster, Yamarin, Cross etc. The Q Experience system is customizable for every manufacturer from simple color themes and logos all the way up to fully independent views.