Contributing to open source

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Linux and open source have long been used in product development at Nextfour. Now we are also contributing to Linux 4.5 kernel release (released in March) and the forthcoming 4.6 release by submitting bugfix, driver and improvement patches as well as bug reports. We appreciate the possibilities of open source and wish to play our part in making Linux even better …

Nextfour at LM Dental

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Nextfour visited LM Dental’s headquarters in Parainen in an opening event this week. A big thanks to our partners for the invitation and a pleasant visit!

Cloud-based instrument tracking system successfully implemented in the U.S.

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The College of Dental Medicine in New York reports launching a program to track dental instruments. The program is ground-breaking among the dental schools in the U.S. and is expected to provide multiple benefits including cost reduction and better inventory management. Dental tracking devices supplied by the Finnish LM-Dental and developed in cooperation with Nextfour will also improve the patient safety as …

50 shades of verification

Johan Wessberg Blog

Product verification is in one way or another a fundamental part of any development project. In this post I will share some of our best practices, methods and findings in this domain. The definition of verification varies depending on the context. However,  the purpose can be defined as follows: Uncovers conditions which might negatively impact the customer. Ensures that the target fulfills the set …

Nextfour joins Bluetooth SIG

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Nextfour is now a member of Bluetooth Special Interests Group. Bluetooth SIG was founded in 1998 to define and drive the adaptations of use cases and solutions for short range wireless technology. As a Bluetooth SIG member Nextfour can now implement and market Bluetooth technology in its products.

Case Stick Tech: A project with the Finnish bio industries

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We are proud to announce that during the past months Nextfour has been working with a Finnish bio material and high tech company Stick Tech. Stick Tech produces aesthetic and cost-effective fiber reinforcements for dental care. In the ongoing project our team developed a unique system that will be used for both curing and calibrating the fiber reinforcements. The system …

An early start to the SLUSH fever

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It’s soon the time again for one of the world’s leading startup, tech talent and investor events – SLUSH. Before next week’s main event, Nextfour took an early start to the excitement and attended the SLUSH Dive at Sanomatalo. This time we were there representing one of Nextfour’s sub companies: Nextfour Analytics. We had an absolutely great time meeting with some …

Future solutions of product and service digitalization mapped out in Turku

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Knowledge of rapidly developing technologies are crucial to succeeding in today’s industry. Product and service digitalization will open up new business opportunities and markets. These opportunities along with the future development of the modern technology are now being mapped out by the Turku University of Applied Sciences (Turku AMK) and local companies, including Nextfour Group. In the project the parties …

Nextfour team expands

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Henri Haapanen joins Nextfour as NPI/Production Engineer. Henri is a skilled addition to the team and will be managing the ever growing production side of Nextfour.

Nextfour lunch goes barbeque

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What would be a better work day breaker than a barbeque lunch in sunny spring weather? Exactly, pretty much nothing. Office terrace gives a perfect opportunity which just cannot be missed. In the picture our chefs Hanna Kulmala, Niklas Hagström and Ville Korpi.