• Merivaara


  • Class 1 Medical Device


  • Embedded Software
  • Electronics Design
  • UI/UX

Operation Room Control System

Merivaara group is a leader in intuitive healthcare technology and industrial design, focused in surgery room solutions. The company was established in 1901, and with its metal beds, improved hospital hygiene significantly. Today, Merivaara’s software, equipment and services improve patient safety and increase the quality and efficiency of surgery operations in leading international hospitals.

Nextfour has worked in tight partnership with Merivaara in since 2011, developing Merivaara’s health tech solution OpenOR™, delivering software and UI/UX design.

OpenOR is a high capacity, future-proof operation room control system that integrates all the devices, data and image management, into a single unit, with intuitive and steamlined user interface.

Over IP based audio and video management system inside the operating room enables flexible video routing between sources and displays. Medical video devices can easily be connected with a simple plug’n play function. OpenOR integration system enables real-time remote consultation, flexible telemedicine and premium level of university teaching outside the OR. No delays in image transmission inside or outside the operating room. 

OpenOR provides management of surgical lights, operating tables, cameras and environmental controls such as general lighting and air ventilation. Tools for improved patient safety and operating room hygiene and efficiency as well as relaxation for patients. 

Constant upkeep and scalable architecture makes it possible to expand OpenOR variety of modules in the future.