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Cloud Based Soil Monitoring

Soil Scout is a Helsinki based IoT company, providing a cloud based service for real time soil monitoring. While Soil Scout provides the science and technology behind the solution, Nextfour’s main responsibility has been constructing the backend server framework and user interface for delivering the data to the end customer.

Soil Scout sensor data, including key soil parameters like moisture, temperature, and salinity, is transferred wirelessly from underground sensors to gateway devices above ground, which in turn send this data on to the cloud-hosted monitoring service. The Soil Scout user can then use a web application to view various of analyses of their data, compare measurements from one growing season to the next, set up e-mail alerts for problem scenarios, and even track the state of their soil in real time.

The monitoring service enables the user to make decisions in relation to irrigation and other important maintenance tasks. Soil Scout sensors are not just used in agriculture, but also on golf courses and other sports venues. Customers include Yara International, Wembley Stadium, the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team, and many more.