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Nextfour Group has hired new summer trainees this year more than ever. The trainees consist of students who all have their unique skillsets that they want to improve.

Joonatan Vanhala, Tomas Wessberg, Heidi Lundberg, Antti Jylhänkangas and Niklas Lukander take interest in diverse things, such as backend development, RF and wireless technologies. They are all looking foward to put things they have aquired in their studies to practice in a new working environment.

Working with students is familiar to Nextfour. The Capstone Innovation project which was initiated by Turku University of Applied Sciences this spring, has been a success. “We were positively surprised how talented the student groups were. Nextfour gained significant results from this project, some contributing directly into our products”, comments CTO Johan Wessberg from Nextfour Group.

After the Capstone project, Nexfour decided to open significantly more trainee positions, allowing students to have a safe environment to find their path to be the future stars and complete their studies with even more enthusiasm.