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We have developed the Q Connected Vehicle to allow you to access all your vehicle’s important information real time with the Q Mobile Application. Things such as fuel level, engine voltage and your vehicle’s exact location in the map are all available to you within your smartphone. All your trips are saved automatically in the applications Logbook, where you can inspect them or share them to your social media account. Climate control allows you to remotely turn on the vehicle’s heating system so you can always arrive to a warm boat or car. 

Keep safe with Q Guard

To keep your vehicle safe at all times, you can turn on the Q Guard mode. The Q Guard takes advantage of the always-on 4G connection to continuously keep you updated on the vehicle’s security. You will be notified immediately if your vehicle is hauled away, if your boat’s engine is stolen, or if your motorcycle is toppled over. The Q Guard will also set off a loud siren when the vehicle’s engine is disconnected without authorization, scaring away any wrong doers. 

Customizable for manufacturers

Just like the Q Display, Q Connected Vehicle’s interface is completely customizable.  Not only are you able to create applications to fit your customer’s needs, but with the available dataset take advantage of motor data, vessel speed, ambient temperature, and so much more. Custom applications enable the option to synchronize settings, such as language, or font size, between your applications and our user interface, creating a seamless integration. 

No matter what your customer is driving, a boat, jet ski, car, or a motorcycle, Q Connected Vehicle will make sure your vehicle stays safe. If it is the docks or a parking lot, they will have peace of mind. 

Technical information: 

  • Positioning with high frequency GPS 
  • LTE-M & NB-IoT connectivity 
  • Factory integrated SIM 
  • Over-the-Air Software Updates 
  • Integrated back-up battery 
  • Multiple input and output signals 
  • Temperature Range -20°C to 55°C 
  • IP65 Sealed Enclosure