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All of the tech trends in 2021 can in some way be used in the medical field, and to help in the still on-going pandemic. Life as it was will probably not go back to its previous tracks. Services and products will no doubt be affected by virtual solutions, and so will technological innovations.

Here are some of the most important tech trends we found for 2021.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and engineering

According to both Forbes and Gartner artificial intelligence will still be one of the biggest trends in 2021. One of the most important reasons being the Covid-19 pandemic. AI will be a tremendous help for the medical field, since it can for example recover patients past data and previous hospital stays.

The volume of data AI collects about healthcare and infection rates will continue to increase. This also means the algorithms become better informed and increasingly sophisticated. This leads to an even higher level of intelligence.

2. Internet of Behaviors (IoB)

IoB uses data to change behaviors. It collects the daily data that spans the digital and physical worlds, that can then be used to influence consumer behaviors. For example data about groceries and other purchases can be collected and processed by a company and then used to suggest the consumer discounts and other ads. IoB does bring up some questions on privacy and the limits of data collection.

According to Gartner the IoB can gather data from many sources including: “Commercial customer data; citizen data processed by public-sector and government agencies; social media; public domain deployments of facial recognition; and location tracking.”

3. Hyperautomation

Automation is one the strongest trends in 2021. One step further is hyperautomation, which is the idea that everything that can be automated should be automated.

According to Forbes this rising trend means that there will be even more robotics, drones and automated vehicles. Especially the medical field has been affected by automation. Drones can be used for example to deliver medicine and spot crowded places for an increased risk of infection.

4. 5G network

5G is a new network that is designed to connect virtually everyone and everything together. Even more faster and reliable internet enables new features for the internet. Over the years 3G has made web browsing on mobile devices easier, and 4G has made it easier for video streaming and different music platforms to conquer the web. We’ll have to wait and see what 5G will enable for us.

5G technology is meant to deliver higher data speed and more reliability. It will also be the base of previously mentioned automation, since it will provide a constant, strong and fast connection.

5. Extended Reality (XR) & Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/MR)

One of the tech trends in 2021 is enhanced virtual reality and augmented reality. Both of these can be done by different virtual glasses or headsets. They are predicted to be even more popular when the simulation of real life gets more and more realistic. Like all the other trends, even this one can be used in the medical field with for example virtual surgery training and real life simulations without actual risks.

Nextfour keeping up with medical tech in 2021

Nextfour has many on-going projects in the medical field, and in other fields of work, that can benefit from these tech world trends. We help companies bring their vision alive as a one-stop-shop for all needed services in product development. You can read out latest customer story about our co-operation with Merivaara to get a better grip of our way of working.