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We here at Nextfour love Turku.

Take a little tour around the city with us, and see just where in Turku you can spot the impact of Nextfour.

An oasis for technological development


Nextfour Office at Mustionkatu 6

Turku, the home town of Nextfour, has been called the Paris of Finland for its beauty and culture. It’s also the home of the Nextfour office, with top-knotch, high accuracy test chambers and other equipment for modern product development. We bring your vision alive right here, in the city that’s an oasis for technological development.

Turku Castle

Turku is the oldest, and sixth biggest city in Finland. It’s especially known for it’s long, colorful history and beautiful nature. As the first ever town in the country and as an old capital of Finland, Turku has always been an important trading post and a center of Finnish business scene.


Spot the Q Experience in the Aura river


Skipperi boats with Q plotters in Aura(joki)

The Q Experience is a white-label plotter, designed and manufactured entirely by Nextfour here in our office. The close proximity to the Baltic Sea offers us a great testing environment for our product. The archipelago of Turku is a great place to get rid of the city dust and most of our summer parties have also been held there.


A city for students – An internship with Nextfour


Every fourth person in Turku is a student. With two universities and four polytechnics, almost 40 000 students live in the city area! With that many students there’s a ton of potential on different fields of studies. Nextfour has seized this by employing many students and letting them thrive. Read more about getting an internship with Nextfour here!


Merivaara OpenOR in TYKS

TYKS T-hospital

Nextfour has worked in tight partnership with Merivaara since 2011, developing Merivaara’s health tech solution OpenOR™, delivering software and UI/UX design. Merivaara’s operation room control system can also be found in Turku, integrating all the operation room devices, data and image management into a single unit.


Nextfour in the Turku scene

Nextfour’s work can be seen on the waters with the Q plotters, in hospitals’ operation rooms, on dentists’ receptions, on the fields with Soil Scout, etc.

You can read more about our product the Q Experience here.

See more photos of the beautiful Turku below!